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Al Roberts said...

What a great exhibition of the "It's Our Story" project at UCLA this past Friday, 17 October 2008. The project allows people to be heard who are as much the fabric of our flag as anyone. My own dad had polio as a child in the 1910s, when treatment was more hope, prayer, and good intentions than anything else. He was "disabled" or "crippled," to use the word of his time, and had an S-shaped spine (scoliosis) that kept him a very small person obliged to wear a thick leather "gusset" to support his back. Yet he took an MA in Chemistry in the early 1930s when such degrees were far rarer than today, and went on to run an investigative medical laboratory at a major insurance company. He also conducted basic and forensic research on the prototypes of such devices as the electrocardiograms that have by now evolved into essential tools of biomedicine. So although he did pass away at a very early age because of a generally weakened state of health, my dad was physically challenged but not "handicapped."

Vernimal said...

Today Scott and Riis, came to our Center here in Ogden Utah, to interview each of us.What a tribute to everyone with a disability everywhere, to be able to voice "THEIR VERSION" of "OUR STORY". There will never be the right words to thank these fine young men for their time and effort. I am even more sure that they will be severely underpaid, if not in debt up to their eye balls for their efforts. My main concern is of course "INDEPENDENCE" for all people with disabilities. But even more over, above and beyond the AT needs, or the obvious needs, I want to express the importance for "RECREATION" at any level. There needs to be financial support for all Independent Living Centers, their AT needs, Critical Housing, and more much more. But let us not forget that "RECREATION CAN BRING YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE, AND MAKE YOU SMILE". It changed my life, my attitude, and made me more pleasurable to know. The Independent Living Center near you can help you with what you need, to make you independent. Scott and his crew, and the "OUR STORY", may just be what we have all wanted for many years, to help increase awareness. I want to thank you Scott, and may God bless you with your efforts, as well as your crew. May your efforts be noticed, and heavily reimbursed, for you are helping us, all of us, to get "OUR STORY" out where it can be heard.
Vern Burgess
Tri-County ILC - Recreation Coordinator click on recreation links

Anonymous said...

Often the photos and video spaces on the blog are blank. Is it just my lak of computer skills? I am really looking forawrd to hearing the Garaldo interview and photos of Albuquerque, NM.

Susan Parker said...

Hey, looks great! Thanks for your help, I got it to work and it's really awesome! Sorry, it wasn't your fault it was my computer.

Anonymous said...

I feel very honored for you to have come to Hays and interviewed individuals that have helped to make history happen.  Scott and Riis you are wonderful to work with and should be commended for all you have done.  "It's Our Story" is an exordinary piece of art work and you are the artists that have helped to make it happen.

Janis said...

How disappointing that a web page devoted to disability neglects to provide accessible information to all members of this growing community.

Check into Overstream or some such methodology to learn how to caption your web movies so the portion of the community that can't hear can at least read your messages.

SHARE Portland said...

I really enjoyed the posts and the videos. I'll begin working on my video post. Thank you for all your hard work Scott!

Ed said...

Congratulations on this ambitious effort! As you go about your work, I am sure that one of the major themes that will emerge from your research will be that people with disabilities want to be seen as people first, and not just the stereotypes associated with various disabilities. To this end, I would suggest that you drop blanket, life-defining terms such as, "the blind," "the deaf," and "the mute" (which is actually an anachronism). All of these disability labels attempt to describe very wide groups of individuals with very different needs. It might be better to use terms such as "people with visual impairments...hearing impairments...communication impairments..." only when necessary to describe the need for access, acommodations, etc.

All the best!

jpadgett said...

Hello, My name is John Padgett. I'm the President of a 501 non-profit named Media Network of Disabled Americans. We produce programming for tv,radio newsprint,& internet on disability issues. Hope to be the "PBS" of the disability community someday.We are in the process of moving up to Northern arizona from tucson right now, but my personal e-mail address is for any contact. Love to hear from you. John Padgett

Susan said...

Scott was in Detroit today 8/17 and while we were eating his truck was broken into and a camera and computer were stolen. He needs $3,500 ASAP for replacements and window repair.

PLEASE DONATE whatever you can!

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Katy Lock said...

Hi there, you guys have a wonderful project here.
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Hope you like it!

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Roberta Gallant said...

Hello, my name is Roberta Gallant.
I live in Concord, New Hampshire.
I love the "It's Our Story" project because it is an outstanding program.

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